Planning for agencies that value their clients.

Favro is a planning app that allows agencies to plan and meet deadlines better, keep clients happier, and grow their business.


"Favro visualises our traffic management in a way that makes everyone in our teams more involved and productive. This is important because with agile management practices that Favro helps us implement, we can get 20% more efficient with all our resources. Step by step Favro helps us become a more nimble business and solidifies our position as a global leader in our field."

— Kurt Hold, Client Services Director, Barrows

Designed to grow with your agency.

Favro's design means that it works for agencies of all sizes. No matter how large your agency is, no individual team is overwhelmed by the needs of another.


Teams track briefs, managers overview teams.

Teams can track briefs from clients, whilst managers can transparently overview many teams and projects together, ensuring that no client is left behind.


Tie your time reports to your briefs.

Teams can report time spent directly on the briefs they are working on. Managers can build reports for internal use and also to communicate with clients.


It's a new age for creative services agencies

Greater technical complexity, a more fragmented industry, and a shift in the client-agency paradigm are presenting unprecedented challenges.

However, opportunities abound for those agencies that can remain agile.

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