At Hansoft, everyone in our talented teams is working with a high level of autonomy. Individual decision-making is a key part in success, therefore we value personal qualities, skills and attitudes more than the exact experience you have in your CV. These are our values:

  1. Being a project manager in every situation

Every member of the Hansoft team needs be a good project manager. Being able to take the ball and run with it. Not drop it, and not leave it, but bring it all the way to the goal making the job done done. Sometimes this means independently leading yourselves, sometimes leading colleagues or customers. In situations when information is missing you are actively seeking it out yourselves. It can mean finding what the acceptance criteria for excellence and success is, and it can mean finding who the person is that can help you solve your task.

  1. Always aiming for excellence

In the highly competitive global market where we act, an awesome product and great service is necessary, not only for our business success, but for our survival. We need to have the best product that solves our customers problems better than anything else. We need the most efficient ways of working, and the most brilliant people. Without this, we will not succeed, since the global opportunity of making and selling a software also means a global competition with the best. In some situations, excellence means pure perfection going above and beyond, but far from always. More often the challenge is about striking the right balance between perfectionism, speed, cost, and effort. Always applying the best of our judgment to make those calls is what makes us great.

  1. Mastering deep listening

There is a difference between just hearing what someone says, and actually understanding what is being said, and what’s not being said. To do this successfully, one needs to not only  focus and pay attention, it also requires empathy for the other person’s perspective and analytical skills computing what it means. At Hansoft, we have found that people who  are good at  deep listening are often better at solving problems together with their peers, and colleagues in both directions in the line of command. They understand, extrapolate and are able to employ this understanding with  direction and execution in their work. In our interaction with customers, deep listening makes us able to rapidly help our customers be successful by using the right solutions and recommendations.

  1. Team and company first

In many ways, Hansoft is like an awesome rock band. While it is true that we need stars on every instrument we make magic by working efficiently together as a team. Everyone earn their way through showing results, not through previous experience, academic titles, a pretty CV or by playing the political game.

This means that you are always putting the team and loyalty to what is best for the company before a personal agenda or prestige. We communicate candidly with each other and are generous with constructive feedback. This also means you see what the team needs in order to succeed, and not only yourself.

  1. Positive outlook in every situation

For some people the glass is always half full and for some it is always half empty. Being an entrepreneurial company that all the time breaks new ground and tries new things, we will also constantly run in to problems that needs to be solved. We have found that people that have a positive outlook, and see solutions and opportunities wherever problems arise are much more successful. However, we have no tolerance for people seeing every challenge in a negative light, pointing fingers of blame. We have found that this spreads negativity and drains the team of energy. This is not to be confused with open-minded, purposeful, critical, Socratic questioning and discussion. That is an important part of constructive and methodical problem solving. The person who in every challenge, small and large, sees an opportunity for learning and problem solving, will be a winner and positive contribution to our culture and business success.

  1. Drive and high energy

Hansoft is an entrepreneurial company and we need people with drive and a high energy level to outperform our competition. It is not enough being smart, we also need to work hard. It is also more fun to work with people with drive, energy, and high enthusiasm for the goals and tasks ahead.