Where complex becomes simple.

Favro is a planning app where teams choose their own balance between power and simplicity - making it ideally suited to developers, marketers and executives alike.


"Favro has allowed us to bring our teams - from development to growth and marketing - closer together and keep the whole startup focused on our vision. Nothing else on the market is as simple and easy to use, while also being so flexible and powerful."

— Carl Almgren, CTO, Soundtrack Your Brand

Designed to scale across any business.

A decentralized design means the app scales from a single team in a founder’s garage to large companies with hundreds of teams.


Teams track tasks, managers overview teams.

Teams have the flexibility to plan tasks how they want, and managers can transparently overview many teams and projects together.


The most scalable backlogs on the web.

Plan projects of any size with ease by using multi-select, drag/drop and indent/outdent. Track progress at each level with aggregated summaries.

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