For more than a decade...


...we have made tools for project management and team collaboration in software development. People depend on us to become more efficient and innovative when building everything from video games to space rockets and satellites. We help everyone from small startups to thousands of engineers work better together by using our tools.

Working with these teams around the world has taught us what practices unite the most successful ones. It's not how much money you have, or how many people you throw at a problem. In the end, it is all about how you react to change. The teams that succeed are faster and more agile when reacting to changing customer demands, competition, public opinion, or even the weather. They don't wait around for challenge to turn into crisis. They don’t organize in traditional structures.

Instead, we found that they change continuously and develop organically, more like a living organism than a static machine. In these organizations processes emerge from people making each team work in their own best way towards the bigger goals they all share.

We want to bring this organic way of working to the world. Not only to engineers but to teams working with sales, support, operations, marketing, legal, finance, logistics, and management. Imagine the potential if everyone was super-empowered and agile, yet aligned towards the bigger goals. We think this is the path of the most successful organizations in the future.

Since before the stone age, we have used tools to make things happen. It is in our nature. Nowhere is this more evident than with our laptops and smartphones. They’re an inseparable part of ourselves. This is why we built Favro.

We want an app that empowers people to create really great things together. An app that is simple enough for everyone to use yet powerful enough for the complexities of work in today’s world. We want an app that visualizes work on your laptop, tablet and smartphone, and lets you choose how simple or advanced tooling you want getting things done.

An app that lets you collaborate in your team, whatever processes you have agreed on. An app that lets you collaborate with other teams, even if they are outside of your organization. An app that integrates with your favourite apps for calendar, chat, documents and more.

This app didn't exist before. Now it does.

It’s called Favro.