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Project management, traffic flow and time reporting, adapted for your agency.



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Traffic management – not micromanagement

As an agency manager or director, you want to get the most out of your teams. You trust them to do great work, but taking control of their process can seem intrusive – particularly when so much of their time is spent on client work.

Favro adapts to your teams’ ways of working; empowering them to work how they want, and ensuring you get the insight you need to maintain team and company alignment.


On top of time-tracking

For many agencies there’s mounting pressure to keep track of time spent on different accounts – from a management, team, and individual perspective.

Favro lets you integrate time-tracking and invoice-ready reporting into your workflow and your ERP – giving you a real-time overview of how long your team spends on different clients and campaigns. No secondary tools required...


Collaborate with clients

In today’s changing agency world, collaboration is key. Not just with production, creative, and account teams; but with clients too.

Favro gives you and your clients an instant, transparent overview of ongoing activity – helping them become better aligned with your teams.


Well-equipped without overwhelming

So many tools, so little time. There are stacks of digital tools out there designed to make collaboration easier. But using them can be counterproductive – if they’re standalone products.

With Favro, you can integrate Google Docs, Google Drive, JIRA, Dropbox, and Slack into your workflow.