Team autonomy. Studio alignment.
Collaboration and planning in the cloud for the whole studio



"Favro makes project management FUN for us at Unity."
Ulas Karademir, Director of Core Technology, Unity Technologies

Aligning the whole studio

Each empowered team has their own collection of boards and backlogs. Collections can also be used to provide overview and alignment for the entire studio.

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Team autonomy

Each team has their own board and backlogs, where they are empowered to change their process and enable powerful apps and integrations without needing approval from a central administrator.

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Team metrics

Teams get relevant metrics and visualizations that supports their workflow. Agile metrics such as burndown charts and cumulative flow charts are just a click away.

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Powerful backlogs

Teams can pull work from shared backlogs. Producers and team leads can easily reprioritize and restructure their backlog as development progresses.

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Data can be easily aggregated from the entire studio with comprehensive reporting features.

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Feature rich

Depending on the project, Favro is packed with everything you'll ever need.

Team boards
Boards with great visuals and UX drives team engagement
Powerful backlogs
Scalable backlogs with filtering and batch editing, loved by producers and directors
Aggregated reports
Easy and powerful reports
Kanban support
Full support for kanban, with lanes, WIP limits and cumulative charts
Coming very soon
Integrate fully with Google, Slack, Microsoft, JIRA, Dropbox and many others
Fully featured and documented API
Cloud security
Encryption at rest, two-factor authentication, SAML and Single-Sign On

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