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Getting Started.

Favro Agile Primer.

Introduction to the Core Concepts of Agile and Organizational Flow.

Regardless of if you just joined the team or you’re the company CEO, this primer will get you up to speed on Agile, Favro and how to use both to achieve organizational flow. Interactive hands-on exercises will ensure all attendees have a solid understanding of what it means to be Agile and how to apply Scrum, Kanban and hybrid methodologies, beginning a successful Agile transformation.

Skills you will master with this course:
  • Adopt an Agile Mindset
  • Understand Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban at a high level
  • Create your own high performing Agile teams
  • Setup your own organization in Favro

Time:  4 hours

Price:  $800 (Maximum 9 Attendees)


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Agile Organization with Favro.

Train the Trainer Favro Certification.

This hands-on workshop is the ideal way to quickly get up to speed with everything Favro has to offer. Geared towards internal champions who want to become Favro experts, attendees will learn how to best leverage the app in order to make their organization truly Agile. They’ll also be prepared to onboard larger teams within the organization.

Skills you will master with this course:
  • How to map your entire organization to the app with collections
  • Setup backlogs to drive overall goals and vision
  • Create customized boards that make work flow for all of your teams
  • Use charts, reports and alignment collections for progress tracking and overview
  • Use Timeline for capacity planning and scoping
  • Enable apps and integrations for complexity on-demand
  • How to bring external clients and outsourcers closer to your process
  • Setup Favro for your specific organizational structure, teams and workflows
  • Become a Favro Certified Trainer 

Time:  7 hours

Price:  $1,600 (Maximum 9 Attendees)


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Taking it to the next level.

Backlog Management with Favro.

Agile Prioritization Masterclass.

Backlogs are used to add, structure and prioritize future work. Product owners and Product Managers will learn how Favro backlogs are their primary tool for ensuring their vision becomes reality. Attendees will also learn structuring, prioritization and refinement techniques to better align the entire team.

Skills you will master with this course:
  • Structure your backlog to better see the vision
  • Prioritization techniques to ensure most valuable items are worked on first
  • Estimation techniques to establish predictability
  • User stories to communicate requirements
  • Backlog refinement best practices

Time:  3 hours

Price:  $800 (Maximum 9 Attendees)


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Organizational Flow with Favro.

Agile and Kanban for Enterprise Agility.

Learn how to optimize the flow of business value through your organization with Favro. From leadership to product development to marketing and sales, all aspects of the business must align and collaborate in real-time to achieve real business agility.

Skills you will master with this course:

  • Adopt an Agile Mindset
  • Understand the core Kanban principles
  • Visualize work and removing bottlenecks
  • Learn Advanced Kanban techniques
  • Achieve continuous flow with Kanban

Time:  7 hours

Price:  $1,600 (Maximum 9 Attendees)


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