Feature development collaboration and synchronization with LiveOps

Your game feature roadmap, backlog prioritization, tracking, and iterations in one place

Prioritize and estimate Game feature backlog items


Track the progress across multiple teams with Favro Relations


Collaborate with multiple teams in real time


Plan feature Roadmaps


Use different views such as Timeline, Sheet, Kanban


Switch to different burndown charts


Add dependencies


See how it works

See how it looks in the video

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How to run a game studio in Favro
Watch this demo on how to run your whole studio with Favro, focused on every teams needs.

Deep integration

Favro integrates deeply with all your favorite tools

Sync issues two way with Favro's robust Jira integration. Send cards to Jira with Favro's automations. Read more

Favro's deep Slack integration can integrate with studio art sharing / review or feature team development updates. Read more

Favro fully support Microsoft Okta for secure user authentication, Microsoft OneDrive & Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Read more

Favro fully support Google SSO, Google Drive & Calendar. Read more

Favro has an extensive API support and also connects Webhooks with automations. Read more


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Studio Director and Co-Founder at Timbre Games, Leadership and Executive Coach
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