Team autonomy. Company alignment.

Collaboration and planning in the cloud



Autonomy for directors, managers, and leaders

As a director, manager, or team lead, you need to follow processes – but you don’t want process to get in the way of progress.

Favro helps those managing small or large teams organize the way they work; on an individual, collective, or expansive level – giving them a one page overview of ongoing activity. This helps everyone work in their preferred way, without compromising team and company goals.


Empowered, aligned, and engaged teams

Everyone wants to work on their own terms. Each team has its own workflow; its own methods. Which is great... But when you both empower and align team activity you hit a real operational sweet spot.

To keep everyone productive you need to give them clear direction – without curbing their enthusiasm. Dictating how they should work is out; but through great design and seamless UI, Favro makes it easy for everyone to do their thing and maintain a focus on team progress.


Heavy-duty tools, for the power users

Favro lets you organize and restructure your work in a heartbeat with powerful batch editing tools. Multiselect cards and quickly move, archive, or tag them in one go. If you change your mind, you can undo your recent actions.

React to change, be there when inspiration strikes. Don’t let your success slow you down.


Cloud security

Being a cloud-hosted service, we don’t mess around with security. Serving a global market, we embrace the strictest common denominator in security policies for the world’s corporations and governments. Encrypted at rest and in transit, your data is hosted by CityCloud in Frankfurt. They are certified for ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 27018. All users can opt in to both two-factor authentication and Single Sign-On services from Google and GitHub.

Security features

• Single Sign-On support for Google and GitHub
• Two-factor authentication support
• Full support for SAML and the SCIM protocol (Enterprise plan)
• Support for third-party authentication services like OneLogin and Okta (Enterprise plan)
• Encrypted at rest and in transit


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