Working at Favro.


Favro is headquartered out of Sweden with offices in Uppsala, Stockholm, and Da Nang, Vietnam.

For brilliant people who want to accelerate their professional and personal growth Favro is an amazing place. Everyone in the team can grow with the company as we take on challenge after challenge.

While it is true that we need stars in every role we make magic by working efficiently together as a team. Everyone earns their way through showing results, not through previous experience, academic titles, a pretty CV or by playing the political game. What we do value are people that not only play well in the team but raises the bar and makes us all better. We have reflected some on what makes us a great team. These are the principles that we believe in and live by.

Being an entrepreneurial company breaking new ground and trying new things, we will, from time to time, inevitably run into problems that we need to solve. Failure without learning is just failure, and winning without learning is just winning once. We value continuous experimentation with a methodical mindset. This means taking calculated risks, limiting downside and blast radius, and always trying to find a way of measuring success.

Interested in working at Favro? We are hiring!