Supports any standard or custom framework for Agile.

Favro is the most adaptable platform for organization wide agility ever made.

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Agile for every team and any leader

Instead of agile being siloed to product development Favro brings agility to all teams in the organization. Instead of many tools and long lists of features Favro uses simple but genius building blocks to master any complexity that anyone can learn regardless of being a newbie, leader, coach or an executive.

Do not break with rapid change

Most importantly, Favro adapts to your custom setup and is the fastest all-in-one platform for teams and leaders to update when ways of working evolve.


Learn Agile fundamentals and advanced techniques in Favro

Jon Leslie, Agile Coach at Broad Cove Insights have partnered up with Favro to empower fast-growing teams by providing several custom Agile courses.


28 lessons

Favro Agile Fundamentals is a comprehensive introduction to Agile thinking, benefits, and techniques. Learn the basics of Scrum and Kanban, and how to implement them in Favro. Earn the industry-recognized Favro Agile Fundamentals Certification.

Course curriculum


25 lessons

Favro Agile Advanced is a deep dive into the core practices critical to Agile success. Learn about metrics, advanced Scrum & Kanban, Scaled Agile, and how to implement them in Favro. Earn the industry-recognized Favro Agile Advanced Certification.

Course curriculum

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