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The #1 collaborative planning platform for fast-growing game companies.

All studio-wide teams working together as one. 🚀

Synchronise development with other studio teams and departments.
Work with external development like they are an extension of the studio.
Get transparency between publishing, leadership, dev teams & players.
Replace many tools with one.

14 Days Free Trial!

Favro is the most agile tool for game studios

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one goal, viewed in any way

Collaborate with anyone while viewing work your way

Different departments, teams and individuals work in different ways. Favro bends to the needs of anyone in development, QA, marketing, operations, HR or studio management by enabling view switching with multiple views and filters on all work to get the right information needed.

"If you want the 50 000 foot view, you got it, the 50 foot view, you got it,
and it’s all the same data set."

Ashleigh B
Jonathan Zabel
Senior producer
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One tool for every team
working better together

Visualize cross-team collaboration

A task, goal or objective can be shared between different teams by living on several planning boards at the same time. This allows cross-team collaboration in one place, without complex configuration or unnecessary dependencies.

At the same time, managers do not have to interfere with the daily work to get an overview, which improves overall productivity for all teams in the studio.

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Enterprise grade platform
with gamer grade performance

Favro integrates with (almost) every tool in the world

Your whole studio in one space

Replace many tools with one

With Favro, teams can work autonomously in the way they want and at the same time have overview of the bigger picture. You get one single agile tool for planning, organization and tracking, within your team, between teams and with externals. 

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