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Favro was founded by game industry veterans and are now rapidly becoming the leading choice for live products where dev, QA, marketing, community, and studio management needs to be in tight sync for continuous drops of features and content.

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Patric Palm
CEO and founder of Favro

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collaboration within and between teams

A task, goal or user story can be shared between different teams and managers by living on several boards at the same time.

A marketing team is using Favro's layout of many boards on one screen to visualise all their workflows, automations to save time daily and tasks mirrored across several workflow boards to track different ongoing projects.

A marketing team is about to launch ads on Google and needs to collaborate with a dev team to integrate tracking in-product. This is made easy since the important card can be tracked on both teams' boards.

A company is doing a new go-to-market plan and has roadmapped out some major epics in three stages. The epics are broken down to boards, the tasks on the boards are then added to team boards to be tracked.

External writers have been hired, have been invited as external members, and are integrated into the workflow of the stakeholders in the company, collaborating in real time in one tool.

Deep integration

Favro integrates deeply with all your favorite tools

Sync issues two way with Favro's robust Jira integration. Send cards to Jira with Favro's automations. Read more

Favro's deep Slack integration can integrate with studio art sharing / review or feature team development updates. Read more

Favro fully support Microsoft Okta for secure user authentication, Microsoft OneDrive & Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Read more

Favro fully support Google SSO, Google Drive & Calendar. Read more

Favro has an extensive API support and also connects Webhooks with automations. Read more


How to run a game studio in Favro

Watch this demo on how to run your whole studio with Favro, focused on every teams needs.

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