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Favro empowers publishers to elevate their roadmap visualization beyond any other tool in the market. By leveraging key Favro capabilities like lanes, horizontal stacking, and versatile views, you can create a roadmap that's both clear and sophisticated.

Favro's Studio Publishing Roadmap: Visualize Your Projects Like Never Before

Lanes for Clarity and Organization

Favro's roadmap lanes can represent distinct projects, games, or milestones. Easily rearrange or create new lanes to tailor your roadmap's focus and declutter your view, showcasing only the content that matters most at the moment.

Horizontal Stacking for Adaptive Updates

Need to modify your roadmap cards? Favro's horizontal stacking allows you to adjust card lengths, ensuring your roadmap automatically adapts and maintains its visual appeal.

Multiple Views for Every Need

Favro offers a variety of views to suit different stakeholders and purposes:

  • Simple Roadmap: Focuses on essential information like launches, milestones, and sprints.
  • Detailed Roadmap: Includes additional details for the roadmap to provide the level of detail needed to make informed decisions and adjustments throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Sheet View: Breaks down milestones into deliverables, assigning them to specific individuals for granular tracking.

Automations for Proactive Reminders

Set up automated reminders in Favro to stay on top of deadlines. Customize the time of day, message recipients, and follow-up actions for each milestone or sprint.

Shareable Links for Effortless Collaboration

Favro's shareable links enable seamless communication with stakeholders and management. Choose the specific view you want to share, and control access by restricting it to members, your organization, or anyone with the link. Live updates ensure everyone stays informed about the latest roadmap developments.

Elevate your studio publishing roadmap with Favro's comprehensive features and intuitive interface. Check out this short 4-minute video and try out the template yourself.

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