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Portfolio Project Management (PPM) can feel overwhelming, but Favro offers powerful solutions to simplify and streamline the process. In this guide, we'll break down the key components of a successful PPM system in Favro and demonstrate how to use the platform to visualize your projects, allocate resources, manage dependencies, and track progress.

4 Parts to Master Portfolio Project Management in Favro

Part 1: Top-Level PPM and Capacity Planning with Dashboards

This section dives into using Favro's dashboards as your PPM home base. Learn how to create a centralized view of all your projects, allocate resources, and monitor capacity in real-time. Discover how to leverage dynamic pie charts and bar graphs to gain insights into your team's workload and project progress. We will also discuss the concept of timeboxing in Favro and how it helps in effective resource allocation and tracking.

Part 1 - 13 min video

Part 2: Handling Waterfall Infrastructure Projects

Explore how Favro's features can be adapted to manage waterfall projects, particularly those involving hardware or infrastructure. We'll delve into using timelines, dependencies, and card views to visualize and control project flow, ensuring smooth progress even with complex sequences. Learn how to create and utilize templates for recurring projects, saving you valuable time and effort.

Part 2 - 27 min video

Part 3: Future Sprint Planning for Agile Projects

Learn how to utilize Favro for effective sprint planning in your agile projects. Discover how to create future sprints, visualize them on timelines as a roadmap, and pre-plan sprints from your backlog. We'll delve into techniques for resource allocation based on velocity and work remaining estimates, ensuring your teams can effectively manage their workload and deliver on time.

Part 3 - 7 min video

Part 4: Peer Capacity Planning Across Teams and Disciplines

This final section addresses the crucial aspect of capacity planning across your entire organization. Learn how to visualize the capacity and allocation of employees across all disciplines and projects on a single board. We'll discuss using groups in Favro to organize teams by discipline, creating filters to visualize specific projects or teams, and adjusting utilization views to track different metrics like card count, estimation, or points.

Part 4 - 4 min video

By following these four parts, you'll be well on your way to implementing a robust PPM system in Favro that empowers your teams, streamlines your projects, and drives success.

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