Favro was founded by serial deeptech entrepreneurs Hans Dahlström, Erik Olofsson, and Patric Palm. Before Favro they built a product and company serving customers worldwide in telecom, aerospace, defence, and game development, with tools for enterprise scale agile planning and management. The business reached profitability and was later sold to an American acquirer. With Favro the founders are now pursuing a vision of taking the agile way of working beyond software development to any kind of team in need of increased adaptability.


Our purpose.

Favro enables the world's most progressive organizations to achieve organizational flow. Our objective is to become the first choice agile product for serious scale-ups and progressive corporates. To achieve this we are building a world class team of brilliant minds based out of Sweden, Vietnam, and North America. Sounds great? Come join us.

The Favro manifesto. What our product is about.

The only constant in business is change.

Although we can anticipate it, accept it, and take advantage of it, this doesn't make life easy.
And, right now, we are in the middle of the greatest acceleration of change in human history.

A business can make it from whiteboard to Wall Street in months. Products can reach billions of users in days and generate millions of dollars in minutes.

But consumer preferences are fickle, attention spans are fleeting, and expectations are formidable.

To succeed, organizations have to experiment, engage, listen, and adapt. Responsively, repeatedly and rapidly.

Enter agile workflow.

A set of practices that thrives in conditions of uncertainty, unpredictability and unknowns. That encourages visibility, versatility, velocity and value. That is the secret weapon behind the development of countless transformative products and services.

But the secret is out. To compete, every organization must become agile. It’s no longer a choice. It’s table stakes. It’s survival.

An ecosystem of tools for agile have surfaced.

But most of them limit this truly powerful practice to specific teams, projects or tasks.

And in today’s world of hyper-competition, hyper-speed and hyper-hype, that’s no longer good enough.

Organizations must be able to change the world before their world changes. And for more than a decade, our team has been building agile tools for organizations to do exactly that.

Engineers, designers, scientists, marketers and managers worldwide have used our products to build everything from global ad campaigns to breakout video games, from new music platforms to strategic master plans, from space rockets to satellites.

And that’s taught us what unites the most successful of them. The ones who change continuously and develop organically are the ones that win.

We believe that this is the path for the most successful organizations of the future.

That’s why we build Favro.
The app for organizational flow.

Organizational flow means a company behaves like a living organism rather than a static machine.

When it inherently knows the who, what, why, when and how of its objectives, opportunities, obstacles and outcomes.

When everybody is empowered to work in their own best way towards shared goals.

When best practice emerges autonomously and process disappears behind progress.

We’ve worked inside diverse, distributed and demanding teams. Dealt with the utter disappointment of uninspired development. Coped with the chaos of poor communication and siloed structures. Felt the frustration of mediocre management tools.

We created Favro to change all of that.

So we’ve built a tool that helps organizations evolve faster than the market reacts. That fosters adaptability, autonomy, and team alignment. That is simple enough to handle the most basic tasks and powerful enough to tackle the biggest challenges.

For individuals, teams, leaders and companies. Favro gets the job done.
And it’s a joy to use. Like playing a game not using a business app.

As you’d expect, it operates in the cloud, across every device and on demand. Enterprise-grade compliant, military-grade secure and gamer-grade fast.

All of this makes Favro better than a source of truth. It forms the organizational memory of a business. Shows its present vital signs and its dreams for the future.

So the brightest and the best can move on from management and do what they excel at - making products that change the game, and the rules. Fast.

Favro executive squad image

Favro executive squad.

From left to right: Hans Dahlström (CPO), Erik Olofsson (CTO), Patric Palm (Chair & CEO), Kirsti Wennberg (Director Special Projects), Glenn Stiemens (EVP, Product & Growth), Birgitta Lundvik (CFO & Deputy CEO).

Favro executive squad image