Favro was founded by serial deep tech entrepreneurs Hans Dahlström, Erik Olofsson, and Patric Palm. Before Favro, they built a product and company serving customers worldwide in telecom, aerospace, defence, and game development, with tools for enterprise-scale agile planning and management. The business reached profitability and was later sold to an American acquirer. With Favro, the founders are now pursuing a vision of taking the agile way of working beyond software development to any kind of team in need of increased adaptability, autonomy, and organizational alignment.

The origin of Favro

Our purpose.

Favro enables individuals and teams from the world's most progressive companies to operate with agility, autonomy, and alignment. Our objective is to become the first-choice collaboration product for makers and managers, entrepreneurs and enterprises. To achieve this, we are building a world-class team of brilliant minds based out of Sweden, Lithuania, Denmark, Vietnam, the US, and many other locations across the globe. Sounds great? Come join us.

Favro. Make progress, not process.

Say goodbye to indecision, inconsistency and incoherence.
Move on from the multitude of mediocre management tools.
Let go of complexity, chaos and confusion.
Obliterate friction, silos and bottlenecks.

Say hello to Favro.
The collaboration app that makes work flow. It combines killer features from the tools you already use, all in one workspace.
Enabling seamless collaboration, communication and creation.
Providing one source of truth across the business.

So whether you're crafting the strategy, roadmap or campaign.
Setting objectives, budgets or deadlines.
Making notes, docs, lists or sheets.
Managing your teams, tasks or timelines.
Sharing ideas, feedback and knowledge or searching for what's new.
You can switch to a view that fits your own workflow without losing sight of your shared goals.

Simple enough to handle basic tasks and powerful enough to tackle the biggest challenge.
Favro is enterprise-grade compliant, military-grade secure, gamer-grade fast and consumer-grade gorgeous.
And it just works. Everywhere. So for entrepreneurs and enterprises that want to change the game, it's a complete game-changer. Run your squad, business or project with agility, autonomy and alignment.

Ensure that everyone is working on the same page, on plan and with purpose.
Adapt and respond to team, project or organizational change without losing stability or speed.
Establish positive habits and encourage high-velocity decision-making.
Take on every objective, obstacle or opportunity with total confidence.
Drive growth, innovation and impact through multiple value streams.
Democratize management so every individual can be a leader.
And unleash the potential of every individual and team to do their best work.


Make Work Flow.