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Everything you need to know about work in Favro

Get the best start working with Favro, or if you’ve used Favro for some time, discover new ways of improving your workflow.

Did you know?

Did you know that Favro was founded by agile veterans?

The Favro founders have for more than two decades spent their time founding, running and investing in companies making tools and technology for Agile project management, SaaS, game development, AI, deep-tech.

Favro ceo & founder Patric Palm did his first keynote at an agile conference 15 years ago and is today more passionate than ever about bringing business agility to organizations world wide.

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Learn Agile fundamentals and advanced techniques in Favro

Jon Leslie, Agile Coach at Broad Cove Insights have partnered up with Favro to empower fast-growing teams by providing several custom Agile courses.


28 lessons

Favro Agile Fundamentals is a comprehensive introduction to Agile thinking, benefits, and techniques. Learn the basics of Scrum and Kanban, and how to implement them in Favro. Earn the industry-recognized Favro Agile Fundamentals Certification.

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25 lessons

Favro Agile Advanced is a deep dive into the core practices critical to Agile success. Learn about metrics, advanced Scrum & Kanban, Scaled Agile, and how to implement them in Favro. Earn the industry-recognized Favro Agile Advanced Certification.

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