Deep Jira-Favro

With this robust 2-way integration, teams and leaders that can't or don't want to use Jira can still stay in full sync with it through Favro. The no-code setup enables teams to design their own workflows without bothering the IT department. Additionally, the integration has advanced settings for global enterprises needing detailed access control.

Unite teams
across tools

Favro typically replaces many tools used by teams that don't use Jira. These teams can now be integrated into the Jira infrastructure to bring the whole organization in sync.

leadership to Jira

Portfolio plans, objectives, or roadmaps created by managers and executives using Favro can now be synced 2-way with the Favro-Jira integration.

Manage advanced integrated workflows

Integration simplifies advanced workflows. Bug fixes and other issues tracked in Jira can be easily integrated with Dev and LiveOps workflows in Favro. Similarly, release management in Jira can be integrated with complex art asset pipelines run in Favro – including external partners.