Get to know Favro's four building blocks

There are many all-in-one tools with long feature-lists that dictates processes for you.
Favro on the other hand gives you 4 easy-to-learn building blocks to organize anything from the simplest team workflow to entire enterprises.


Favro Cards

Favro Cards can be used in a multitude of ways: writing, content creation, goals, OKRs, tasks, attachments… whatever you’re collaborating on. Teams can even communicate and provide real-time feedback directly on the Cards.

Favro Cards
Favro Boards

Favro Boards

The work described on a Card often involves multiple teams with their own workflows. Therefore a card can exist on multiple Favro Boards facilitating cross-team collaboration. Boards can easily be configured by the teams themselves to adapt to any style of planning and management. The Cards on the Board can be viewed in various ways such as Kanban, sheet or timeline view.

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Favro Collections

Favro Boards can exist in multiple Favro Collections. Collections are a single-screen aggregation of multiple Boards organized for teams to see exactly what they need in order to focus on their own work, while also collaborating with other teams to deliver the most company-wide value.

Typical examples of Favro Collections are (a) team collaboration Collections, (b) cross-team collaboration Collections, (c) Collections for a common workplace between teams at two companies, and (d) Collections serving as dashboards for a recurring meeting or context.

Collections drive overall alignment removing the requirement for complex enterprise program and portfolio tools.

Favro Collections
Favro Relations

Favro Relations

With the ability to have Cards on multiple Boards and Boards within multiple Collections, as well as links, dependencies, and work breakdowns, Favro Relations are what tie it all together. Relations show everyone how your company actually interacts and provide natural navigation between all horizontal teams and all vertical levels of the organization.

With the unique Favro Relations no single central person needs to know and control everything. Everyone can simply follow the Relations and go on a journey discovering how things are connected in their organization.

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Got a burning question?

How does Favro interface works?

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You can find information about Favro interface here.

What are Collections, Boards and Cards?

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Collections are workspaces where a specific team or whole organization can work. Boards are the place where you can see/create/edit tasks. Cards is where the information and communication between teammates is set.

What are Custom (global) and Default (column) fields?

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Fields can be created from a default list or created as a custom which can be reused in multiple boards: More about that you can find here.

What are the different Board Views in Favro?

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When you create a board you can view it in 6 different views: Sheet, Kanban, Timeline, Card list, Form, Chart. Each view will show the cards and information, but in a specific view that has its differences. More about that you can find here and also here.

What are card Relations?

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In Favro you can have multiple cards in different locations at the same time. With that in mind it is important to know where the cards are and in what status, relations helps to show that connection. More about that you can find here.

How to Filter boards?

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You can easily filter boards by pressing the filter option and applying your wanted filter. You can also save the filtered option for that board view and have multiple board views with different filters.

How to share cards/boards/collections?

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In Favro you can share the content that you have in your cards/boards or collections. Each card has a link that you can find by pressing the card ID on the top left corner inside a card. Boards and Collections can be shared via shareable link choosing one of three options: Restricted, only to those who have access to the collection, Organization, only to members in the organization, and Anyone with the link. More about that you can find here.

What are the privacy settings in Favro?

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You can select three type of privacy settings from the collection level, Private, only for you and the people you invite, Organization, for everyone who is a member of the organization, and Public that can be reached by anyone who has a link to the collection. More about that you can find here.

What can I see in the Chart view?

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With the chart view you can see the burndown of your task, an overview of your cards and cycle time by each status. More about that you can find here.

How to export data from Favro?

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You can export by board, simply choosing a board, going to board menu, selecting More and choosing Export. You can export in three options: Excel, CSV or JSON. More about that you can find here.

How to roadmap projects?

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Roadmapping can be done in multiple ways in Favro, one of the examples you can find here.

How to build project dashboards?

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In Favro you can have same cards/boards in multiple locations, so creating a dashboard you can simply create a new collection and add boards from wanted projects to have a big dashboard with all live information from the boards. More about that you can find here.

How Favro <> Jira integration works and how to set it up?

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Favro <> Jira integration is a two way sync integration that allows 5 main fields to be synched between Favro and Jira. The fields are:  Jira issue number, Description, Status, Resolution and Members. With the sync active you can move cards in Favro and it will move in Jira and vice versa depending on how you mapped the statuses in Favro. More about that and how to set it up, you can find here.

How can I get support?

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You can always check our Help articles for how to questions or to look for detail information about our features or check our Youtube page for in depth examples from our Mini Summit series in Favro Academy where we talk about real life examples and how to set them up.
Contact support directly in the app

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