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We know that change is hard. But when the legal market is changing from the inside and outside, can you afford not to?

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When you work as an attorney, you are often tasked with managing several teams of coworkers and external advisors, each team working on different projects. Even with so much to do, you must never drop a ball.

There are many different ways you can keep track of your projects: spreadsheets, Word documents, pens and papers, whiteboards, and emails with stacks of bullet points. But as a project evolves it becomes increasingly difficult to keep tabs on activity. You soon realize you need something that will give you the overview, but also the clarity, even when complexity and speed is high.

Another challenge can be sharing the right information at the right time with your colleagues and clients. Say you have a last-minute telephone conference the night before the signing of a contract: how do you make sure that everyone in your team gets the important takeaways from that meeting? One solution would be to send emails to everyone concerned of course. But this takes valuable time and could become confusing, with several email threads running back and forth at the same time, involving different people. The risk is clear there will be misunderstandings, or that you will forget something.

Clearly, the modern business lawyer needs to perfect her processes. Favro is just the right tool for that. Favro is a new project management tool and planning tool from the Swedish software company Hansoft, which will help you solve the need for efficient case management in the modern law firm, be it within litigation, M&A or something else.

Favro gives you the overview you want, and at the same time it allows you to dive as deep into details as you need. By letting you work with check-lists and due dates, Favro will help you stream-line your processes and make sure you get your deliveries done in time. And when everyone in your team is using the tool, you will create a transparency that will help you eliminate any unnecessary blockers and reduce the risk of duplication of work. This will save both time and money.

We know that change is hard. But when the legal market is changing from the inside and outside, can you afford not to? If you give Favro a try, we’re confident you’ll be surprised how easy (even fun!) it is to use. Perfecting your processes and workflow management will benefit both you and your clients.

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