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Unito x Favro Integration

At Favro, our aim is to keep your workflows and teams aligned in your organization in one place, providing a collaborative space for different teams.

With Unito's Favro integration, you can align other tools with Favro, including Github and Jira, helping your teams' collaborative workflows become smooth and simple.

What is Unito?

Unito allows organizations worldwide to keep teams aligned by providing integrations and syncing between tools. Teams can use Unito to keep aligned with each other while still having the flexibility of teams choosing their own tools.

Why use the integration?

In Favro, you can collaborate between multiple teams on one platform.

However, if you have a dev team that also uses Jira or Github, or a marketing team that also uses Hubspot alongside Favro, then those teams will find it easy to have their own workflows in non-collaborative tools and also have workflows in Favro.

How can I sign up?

To start being even more aligned in your teams and workflows, you can sign up for Unito here, or you can find out how their Favro integration works in their help article.

For even more information on Favro's integrations, visit our integrations page on our website.

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