Learn from Leaders — Season 3, Episode 9

Learn from Leaders
Season 3, Episode 9

Managing Objectives in SaaS: From Team to Investor View

Hannah Meiton

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About the episode

In this episode, we invited Hannah to join us and share her insights both from an investor's and a team member's point of view. This time we talk about the trends in SaaS and what growing pains companies should be ready to face. Hannah shares good indicative metrics that she has found useful in her career and how to align objectives between the team and board members. If you work in SaaS or are simply interested to hear more about Hannah's experience, tune in to the episode!

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Hannah Meiton

Hannah Meiton

Co-Founder & Partner at Ampli Ventures

Hannah Meiton, recently named “SaaS Investor of the Year”, is co-founder & Partner at Ampli Ventures, a SaaS B2B focused investor in the Nordics. Hannah also sits on the Board for a number of SaaS companies such as Mentimeter, All Ears, Insurely, Videoly & MedUniverse.


Picture of Patric Palm

Patric Palm

Favro ceo & founder

Serial entrepreneur and tech investor. Mostly games, SaaS, AI, deep tech. Favro ceo and founder. 🇸🇪 born, 🌏 minded. Passionate about hyper-performing teams and business agility.

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