Learn from Leaders — Season 1, Episode 12

Facing the changing media industry

Jérôme Franck-Sætervoll
Halldor Skattebo

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10 Jun

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About the episode

The media industry is changing. Everything-as-a-Service is spreading from Netflix to Amazon to Disney to everyone. Media companies need to adapt to survive and thrive. In addition, the Covid pandemic made organizations distributed by necessity, and now many companies are planning to go back, not to normal, but a new normal being a hybrid workplace. In this webinar, we will discuss these challenges in detail and what adapting means in practice.

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Jérôme Franck-Sætervoll

Jérôme Franck-Sætervoll

Jérôme Franck-Sætervoll, CEO at RiksTV, is passionate about TV and media with more than 15 years of experience in this industry. He had the chance to be part of RiksTV's adventure from the very start in 2006 and enjoyed the great culture and success of this leading Norwegian TV-Company ever since.

Halldor Skattebo

Halldor Skattebo

Halldor Kvale-Skattebo is an agile coach and former software developer who has been running companies as CEO both in Stockholm, Sweden and in Oslo, Norway. His experience stems from working over the last 9 years with the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Department, NAV, which is a branch of the Norwegian Government. Currently he is the CEO and co-founder of humanize.no which helps and trains organisations that are on a journey to change their way of working to become high-performing teams with an accurate mindset using agile tools.


Patric Palm

Favro ceo & founder

Serial entrepreneur and tech investor. Mostly games, SaaS, AI, deep tech. Favro ceo and founder. 🇸🇪 born, 🌏 minded. Passionate about hyper-performing teams and business agility.

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