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Control or creativity — modern CIO:s can have both when buying collaboration tools

What should a modern CIO choose when it comes to collaboration tools? Stay in control and offer a “one tool fits all solution” for the users or let go of the reins and let users make their own decisions when it comes to tools for collaboration?

I was recently interviewed on this topic in CIO Magazine and my take on this is that CIO:s and IT departments are not stuck between a rock and a hard place anymore. You don’t have to choose! Collaboration vendors are offering API:s opening up new collaboration tools to talk better with each other. For example, the IT department can choose to use the Microsoft 360 platform but if the teams prefer to use Slack instead of MS 360 Teams and Favro instead of MS 360 Planner that works fine today on the MS 360 platform.

CIO:s can stay in control and at the same time find a new balance between security, control of information and the empowerment and creativity that comes with good collaboration tools that teams have chosen to work with themselves. The good news is that more and more collaboration vendors deliver on pretty high standards when it comes to security and are reacting very quickly to security concerns.

On top of that — the risk of trying out new tools and processes is not a big issue anymore. Modern collaboration tools are delivered in the cloud and if the service is not working as hoped for or not getting any traction and interest in the organization — just forget about it and move on to something better.

I am convinced that collaborations tools like Favro will help empower teams and make them more productive and happy at work at the same time. CIO:s now have an easier choice when it comes to collaboration tools. Welcome to sign up for a Favro trial!

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