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Favro for Game Studio Leadership

Modern Game Development Studio Leaders and Publisher Executives are always spinning many plates, including current game development projects, the overall studio roadmap, recruitments, and even facility concerns. They need a lightweight, flexible tool that allows them to organize and track their initiatives, with the ability to get a top-down view of what the individual teams are working on, even drilling down if necessary.

Any collaboration tool only works if all team members want to use it. The good news, Favro, with its flexible and fun planning boards, will have everyone at the studio, no matter what their role, actively engaged. With all of this real-time information being available at the Studio Portfolio level, Studio management will appreciate the ability to align the teams to the Studio’s overall goals, track development team progress, and drive high-level Studio Initiatives. Favro achieves all of this with a single ‘Collection’ of essential backlogs and boards.

Studio Portfolio Kanban

A significant aspect of a Studio Portfolio Collection could be a custom Studio Kanban. Kanban, which has proven to be an excellent method for creating art assets, is increasingly being used at the Studio Portfolio level. A Studio Kanban board, with its Backlog driven Studio Initiatives can be built with any flow desired. Once being actively worked on, different Initiatives can be instantly broken down into their own particular boards, tracking progress at a more detailed task level. The below screenshot shows an example of a Recruitment Initiative being expanded to its own board, with its own unique flow.

recruitment Initiative being expanded to its own favro board

At a Glance Project Overview

From the same Studio Portfolio Collection, The Studio Head, and other Studio leaders have the ability to see exactly what is going on with each and every currently active project. This is thanks to shared Backlogs from each project collection. If you want to see the current status of a particular feature set, user story, or even an art asset, just drill down into the appropriate Backlog item.

shared Backlogs from each project collection

More Detail, If and When You Need It

Sometimes a high-level view of the projects is not enough. When the need arises, the Studio Head can open any team-specific Collection to get a deeper understanding of exactly where things stand. For example, if a particular feature is of interest, that feature can be viewed on a Team Scrum Board, maybe even down to the task level.

team-specific Collection favro

Progress Visualization

When you want to see a visualization of how either your Studio Initiatives or Development Projects are progressing, just open up Favro’s built-in Reporting App. Through the App, you can slice and dice the real-time data any way you like. Once you have exactly what you’re looking for, select a chart or graph to bring up a dynamic display of the data.

Integral to the Process

The Studio Head has many responsibilities, which can sometimes seem overwhelming. Cut through the noise, see everything in one place and dive into the details only when you need to. Favro makes all this possible with the added benefit of helping to make running the ship not only less stressful but even a little more fun. Make Favro integral to your Studio.

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