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Favro github integration

Got GitHub issues? Us too!

Stress no longer. Our new GitHub integration is ready to take the reins.

How do you manage your GitHub issues? Through a Waffle/Zenhub/Trello triangle? Or some other software setup?

Stress no longer. Our new GitHub integration is ready to take the reins.

Wait — what?

You heard right. Favro has a GitHub issues integration! Think Waffle’s automation functionality fused with Trello’s flexibility. But better…

No GitHub issue or pull request is an island. They’re addressed in tandem with other development tasks, across a number of different programs. Sure, you can easily visualise GitHub issues with project management tools — like Waffle and Zenhub — but it pretty much stops there. Trello lets you include GitHub issues alongside other work, but to sync the details across programs you have to manually link each issue to a Trello card.

As a developer you want the most intuitive and hassle-free suite of tech tools available — so that you can get on with your work without having to constantly manage it. That’s exactly what our new GitHub integration allows.

You can now easily link GitHub issues with Favro cards, thanks to automatic two-way data syncing. So, when you edit a GitHub-specific field in Favro, the comment made automatically appears in GitHub. And likewise, any edits you make in GitHub will appear in Favro: titles, descriptions, comments, labels, open/closed states — everything.

You can also create boards and backlogs in order to manage issues and integrate pull request review comments — so you’ll be notified when another developer opens or adds a review. You’ll also be able to openly visualise your team’s GitHub repository roadmap, using Favro’s public collections and widgets.

Keen to get started? Connect your GitHub account to Favro, and take a look at our handy step-by-step guide which outlines the process. Got any feedback or suggestions about this integration? We’d love to hear them. In fact, we may already be working on something…

Stay tuned.

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