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Managing customer projects in Favro

Challenges often happen due to lack of transparency, misalignment between team members and conflicting priorities. A lot of challenges can be solved by visualizing work in progress. For agile agencies, managing customer projects in Favro comes naturally. Favro is an agile project management tool, agile planning tool and time tracking tool in one.

True to any agency there will be several projects ongoing at any given point in time in various phases. Changing client deadlines, resources being pulled onto new projects and priorities changing happen every day and the only way to stay on top of all of these changes is constant planning and re planning.

Each project to its own collection

Collections in Favro is where you organize projects. They can be open to everyone in the organization or just to those who need to work on that particular project. Each collection consists of a number of boards and backlogs. Backlogs can be broken down from epics down into tasks and the work in progress based on the current work flow can be seen on each board. In Favro everyone can immediately see what is being planned and who is working on what.

favro moving item to another collection

A collection can also be shared with clients giving them full transparency into the what is being worked on. Don’t worry, they won’t be able to see any of the other work being done for others.

Replicate good patterns with templates

No campaign is ever the same, sure — but an agency would be smart to reuse the same project management method for similar projects! In Favro it is easy to replicate a project stored in each collection by saving it as a template. For the next project, you are good to go.

favro saving prject. template

Collection Overview

Life in an agency is intense, and multiple projects being worked on is a reality that you have to live with. Rather than adapting your way of working to a tool with Favro you can structure your work in different collections — based on projects, teams, area of work or whatever works for you. As a manager you want to be able to get a complete overview of every project and the progress — but you maybe do not need to follow every board meticulously. Use the “add or move” widget to follow all critical boards on a single collection.

favro advertising project

It is easy to see all ongoing projects in an organization by clicking on “collection” in the top right corner.

The helicopter view when you need it, the details for your own work always

In Favro you can create collections at will. A best practice would to create your own collection of boards and backlogs that are relevant for you today from the many different projects that you are working on. When a project is done you can always archive a collection ensuring that if you need to go back for inspiration you can always find past work.

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