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Recruitment can be a pain. Recruiters and HR people get overwhelmed with applications, questions, follow-up notifications.

Smooth recruitment — easier than ever

With every job application comes a load of paperwork. On top of that, once recruited, the onboarding of the new team member is often a responsibility of stressed team managers and getting clarity on the process for the new team member, managers, and HR can be easier said than done.

My take on this is that recruitment is such a complicated process with so many people involved — HR, recruitment firms, candidates, managers — that managing this complexity with e-mails and phone calls will make the work into a something of a time-consuming mess.

And if the candidate chosen is not treated in a professional and welcoming manner due to miscommunication between HR and managers the risk is that new employees have a bad first impression of the company. Apart from creating distrust in the company brand and culture, this can also prolong the time for new employees to be at full speed at work. Handling one new employee might not a difficult task but throw multiple hires into the mix and it can be difficult to know what has been done and not taken care of.

Favro is an easy-to-use collaboration tool where everyone involved in a recruiting process can be engaged in just the parts that he or she is responsible for. Administration is also made easier as every applicants and candidates can be organized in cards which contain all the information and communication to each and every applicant and candidate.

So if you are looking for fast flow and an effective recruitment and onboarding process — check out Favro yourself by signing up for a free trial.

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