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Stop Client Churn with Favro

Professional services firms, law firms, consultancies, creative agencies… any client-centric business has to deal with churn.

Some of the biggest causes of client churn are missed deadlines, inability to respond to changing requirements, too much time spent on non-value add processes such as billing and progress reporting, and lack of real-time collaboration and the tools to support it.

Favro, which supports both agile and traditional project planning, can resolve these problems by enabling your sales, account management and delivery teams to determine accurate client deliverable timelines, allocate resources effectively, reduce time spent on busy work, and collaborate more closely with clients, which will inherently build trust through improved feedback and visibility. With Favro and some simple best practices, typical client frustrations and disappointments that lead to churn are minimized, and the value that your less stressed, happier teams deliver is maximized.

Furthermore, the flexibility provided by Favro’s new All Teams Expansion empowers departments and teams to work exactly how they choose. There are no pre-defined ways of working or heavy-handed prescriptive methodologies built into Favro.

Cards represent client deliverables and can become a living requirements document for both delivery teams and clients.

favro card client deliverables

Client lists (backlogs) are containers for entire client projects or campaigns allowing for the work to be prioritized and budgets agreed upon before any work is started.

favro client backlog

Favro’s boards support Kanban, Scrum, Scrumban, and with the new board toggles everyone can see the same deliverable cards on sheets and timeline roadmaps.

favro board
Client Kanban Board Toggle
Client Sheet Board Toggle
Client Sheet Board Toggle
Client Roadmap Toggle
Client Roadmap Toggle

Collections bring specific lists and boards together and control exactly who can see what.

Delivery team collection of client backlogs and boards

Finally, built-in charts, graphs, and full reporting capability provide visual project progress to all stakeholders and clients.

favro charts

It’s possible to stop client churn with the right work management and collaboration tool. The following articles and videos will walk you through how Favro can be a single solution for your organization to handle unlimited clients and projects effectively, collaborate with team members and clients, and provide at a glance project status visibility.

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Favro Case Study: Auditing and Accounting Firm

Scrumban in Favro

Start using Favro to minimize churn, maximize value delivery and delight clients.

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