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With over a decade of experience providing tools and insights to game developers around the world, we know what’s on the game developer’s wish list.

The Collaboration Tool for Modern Game Development

We know what’s on the game developer’s wish list. With over a decade of experience providing tools and insights to game developers around the world, we have built the ideal collaborative project management tool for today’s high-performing, empowered development teams.

We’ve learned a lot from working with many of the best studios in the industry. All of that hard-earned wisdom has been built into Favro. Teams want autonomy and flexibility, to work in a way that suits them best. Producers, development directors, department heads, and studio leadership want alignment and overview. Everyone wants on-demand powerful apps and integrations, providing process complexity on an as-needed basis. Favro has been designed and developed with these core principles, providing the perfect tool for modern, organic game development.

Of course, game developers have a long wish list. We mention just a few features in this article but don’t be surprised if what you need most is already included in Favro.

Autonomy with Shared Vision

Today’s best performing game development teams are autonomous, empowered, cross-functional, and often distributed. They’re also aligned with a common shared and evolving vision: what is the game we’re creating and why will people want to play it?

Favro’s team-specific Collections enable high performing teams to work the way they want, maximizing collaboration without getting in the way. At the same time, with the ability to share boards across collections, multiple teams stay synchronized and focused on the core tenants of the game.

team sprint collaboration in favro

Overview at All Levels

As a development director, producer, discipline manager, or studio lead you need overviews at all levels: team, department, project, and overall studio. How are we tracking towards our goals, milestones, and releases? In Favro, this is all achieved with advanced reports and dashboards. Progress is always clear and problems are quickly identified, allowing for adaptive real-time resolutions.

favro reports and dashboards

More Power on Demand

While most teams want to keep it simple and flexible, some teams require more process control and automation. Our clients use Favro for small projects as well as the most complicated ones since you add levels of detail and complexity as needed. Whether you are an art asset creation team using Kanban, or a quality assurance team with a complex defined workflow, Favro has you covered with powerful workflow rules and integrations.

Leverage workflow rules to describe and enforce rules for how cards are created and moved through your art pipeline. Workflow rules can also automatically set tags and assignments, letting QA know about fixed bugs, or alerting your Art Director that new reviews are pending. These are just two of the many process enhancements that can be added, on an as-needed basis, to Favro’s team boards.

Teams are empowered to create their own unique ways of working, opting in and out of apps and integrations as they see fit. All of this is controlled by the team. There’s never a need to wait for time-consuming approvals or central IT lead request queues.

favro integrations

Ready to get started with Favro? This how-to will get your studio up and running in no time.

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