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Working with Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) or Mixed Reality (MR) and understanding the differences between them.

VR, AR and MR — Game Development’s New Frontier

One of the many challenges of developing Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) or Mixed Reality (MR) is first understanding the differences between the three. Magic Leap sums it up best with their definitions:

  • VR: Digital environments that shut out the real world
  • AR: Digital content on top of your real world
  • MR: Digital content interacts with your real world

As it applies to game development, we used to think, “What platform(s) are we going to develop for?” was a difficult question. On top of all the other complexities, we now have to determine what level of reality we’re focusing on.

Difficulties aside, this is the future; it’s what we’ve dreamed of for decades, and it’s now coming to fruition. It’s exciting. It’s the new frontier and those involved are the new pioneers.

Breaking Trail

Just as Hansoft has been helping teams of all sizes around the world create amazing console, PC, and mobile games over the past decade, we’re now easing the pain of these new VR, AR, and MR development challenges. Favro, our new SaaS product, couples our hard-earned project development experience and brings it to the Cloud, with a modern, card-based, and organic organization focused new tool. It’s Agile to the core nature makes it the perfect tool to break new ground in the highly uncertain VR, AR, MR development landscape.

star fighters flying among asteroids

Presence and Coherence

To make these new realities believable, it all boils down to Presence and Coherence. This entails new design concerns such as cognitive presence, perceptive presence, 3D UI, and world scale, combined with extreme technical hurdles, including ultra-high frame rates and super-low latency. The art and audio disciplines are also forced to raise the bar in order to create believable, coherent virtual environments.

climbing to sunset

VR, AR, MR Development in Favro

These new challenges are not easily overcome. However, as with any team effort, an excellent collaboration tool can smooth the way. With its backlog-driven design, Favro will allow everyone on your development team to fully understand the vision of the project. The tool's extreme flexibility when it comes to custom boards enables each team to work the way they want. For example, if an art team chooses to work in Kanban, Favro comes with built-in WIP, Lead Time, and Workflow apps that can easily be implemented at the team board level.

development board using favro

As with anything, seeing is believing. We’ve created a complete VR, AR, MR Template in Favro, which can be used on your projects. It includes everything from Presence / Coherence Checklists to Asset Review Workflows.

Favro VR, AR, MR Template

Please also find this overview video, which walks you through the template and VR, AR, MR development in the tool.

Favro VR, AR, MR Video

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