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What does it take to turn campaigns from lengthy and resource-heavy to lean and quick, and how does it work? Let's find out.

What’s so great about agile marketing?

Companies and marketers are beginning to see huge benefits that comes with making marketing agile. But what does it take to turn campaigns from lengthy and resource-heavy to lean and quick, and how does it work?

To begin with, is there a choice? The age of big bang campaigns are over. Today marketing campaigns are much more about experiments, social media, A/B testing messaging, and responding to metrics, all in very short iterations. The hyper-adaptability needed to do this will not come from old school processes but from the agile ways of working already adopted by software developers.

Secondly, I think agile marketing is about breaking down silos between marketing and sales. Last year, I was interviewed about this in a piece by MarTech Advisor, and from my point of view, agile marketers’ can help shorten the sales cycle. Why spend time selling stuff to people who are not interested? By breaking down and re-examining the sales cycle from an agile marketing perspective, it’s possible to identify when and where marketing activities can and will have the biggest impact and therefore not spend so much time on the phone. In order to do this and maintain an agile approach, you need to clearly and regularly communicate objectives, workflow and the progress of different marketing projects. This means continuous cooperation within the marketing team and the company as a whole, or As Chris Rothstein puts it in the MarTech story — “The Agile marketing approach requires strong alignment company-wide and the ability to pivot quickly. Instead of working in silos, teams must work together to identify high-value projects and complete those cooperatively.”

So, marketing is becoming less big bang and more of a team effort. The times when a creative director acted like a solo artist and created great marketing by himself (it was often a man) is over — now it’s more like software development — a team effort that is relying on tools to optimize the team effort.

Favro’s aim is to make work flow. If you’re in the process of bringing agility into your marketing process and looking for a better flow for your work and your organization, check out Favro yourself by signing up for a free trial.

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