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With cards moving through lists, boards, various process stages, and even between collections, everyone in the organization is visualizing the flow of work.

Your Entire Company in a Single App

There has been a single unifying constant in every one of the hundreds of organizations I’ve visited around the world: too many software tools and applications. Think about it. Even if you’re a solopreneur, you probably have a multitude of different products to help run your company. Even with integrations, the more tools you add, the more time you end up wasting on switching between them to get stuff done. The larger an organization becomes the more tools and applications they add to the point where it takes a large IT staff to maintain them, adding no direct value to customers.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” — Albert Einstein

What if there was a single, self upgrading, cloud-based app that could replace that overwhelming, expensive mishmash of tools and increase productivity at the same time? Well, there is, and it’s called Favro.

With Favro’s limitless flexibility, it’s possible to run any business, regardless of industry, size, or location in one tool. Today’s progressive knowledge workers don’t want tools slowing them down. They want to work visually and with a product that allows them to collaborate with team members any time, anywhere. Through a dynamic combination of Favro collections, backlogs, boards and content cards all aspects of a business including both agile cross-functional teams and traditional departments can achieve their goals, communicating with each other in real-time. A single tool provides a single source of truth and helps to break through operational silos. Simple means faster — faster collaboration, faster response to feedback and changing customer demands, and faster time to market.

Map Your Organization with Collections

Favro’s collections aggregate team members, lists (backlogs) and work boards in a single-screen view. Collections can be used to represent teams, programs, and entire departments across the organization as a whole.

favro executive collection
Executive Collection
favro marketing collection
Marketing Collection
favro sales collection
Sales Collection
favro hr collection
People Operations (HR) Collection
favro development collection
Development Team Collection

As you can see, any team or department can work within a single Favro collection. Since cards can exist in multiple places and lists/boards can exist in multiple collections, cross-departmental and multi-team collaboration is effortless.

One Board — Multiple Views

A single board in Favro can be viewed as a Kanban, a sheet, or a timeline. It’s the same cards displayed and managed in three different ways.

favro kanban
Kanban toggle
favro sheet
Sheets toggle
favro timeline
Timeline toggle

The current board view is unique for each user, making it possible for a team member to default to a Kanban view, while a manager is viewing the same board in a sheet or timeline view.

Work Flows with Cards

Favro’s unique cards are real-time, collaborative, rich content living documents. Whether the card represents a business initiative, client proposal, deliverable, or a user story, there’s no need for other external tools. With cards moving from lists to boards through various process stages and even between collections, everyone in the organization is visualizing the flow of work and value through the company. Favro optimizes collaboration and creates alignment for the entire enterprise.

favro card content
Content Card

Watch this video to see an example of an entire company running in Favro.

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