Learn from Leaders — Season 2, Episode 2

Hiring for success in the games industry

Jason Savopolos

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14 Dec

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About the episode

In Learn from Leaders 30 min Podcast series SaaS & Game industry leaders share real-world experiences and challenges, how some of the best studios and companies have overcome them. During episode Patric Palm interviews Jason Savopolos, a Lead Producer @ Frost Giant Studios.

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Jason Savopolos

Jason Savopolos

Lead Producer at Frost Giant Studios

Jason began his career in game development in 2007 at Electronic Arts; Jason was senior project manager on Creature Quest at VC Mobile Entertainment; in 2018 joined Blizzard Entertainment, now works at Giant Frost Studios.


Patric Palm

Favro ceo & founder

Serial entrepreneur and tech investor. Mostly games, SaaS, AI, deep tech. Favro ceo and founder. 🇸🇪 born, 🌏 minded. Passionate about hyper-performing teams and business agility.

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