The planning and collaboration app for organizational flow.

Favro lifts strategy and planning off the page and into action. Important decisions are mapped across the organization and directed exactly where they need to be.


Designed to scale across any business.

A decentralized design means the app scales from a single team in a founder’s garage to large companies with hundreds of teams.

Teams plan tasks, managers overview teams.

Teams have the flexibility to plan tasks how they want, and managers can transparently overview many teams and projects together.


The most scalable and responsive backlogs on the web.

Plan projects of any size with ease by using multi-select, drag/drop and indent/outdent. Track progress at each level with aggregated summaries.

SCRUM, Kanban and more.

SCRUM, Kanban and more.

Built-in support for Kanban, Scrum and more. Everyone is free to plan and track progress the way they want to reach their goals.



Build powerful reports that aggregate data from many teams.

Time reporting

Time reporting.

Report time and view timesheet reports that allow you to easily see the time spent on projects.

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