The Remote Game Studio

Building Processes That Empower Teams


Niko LaTorre



This webinar will go live

25 Jun

5:00 PM



8:00 AM


What you'll learn

We'll explore the benefits of a fully remote and distributed game studio. We'll also discuss the challenges from real-world experiences and how some of the best studios in the world have overcome them. As we enter a new normal, both process and collaboration tools are more important than ever. With remote work done right, the advantages far outweigh the negatives. We'll show you a proven combination of powerful techniques and tools to ensure your studio continues to achieve the extraordinary.


Niko LaTorre

Niko LaTorre

Pipeline Manager @ Mindshow

Niko is a former game producer at thatgamecompany on Sky: Children of the Light and Riot Games in R&D and on League of Legends' Champions, she recently joined Mindshow to make 3D animation more Agile.

Niko LaTorre

Niko LaTorre