The Remote Game Studio

Empowering Teams to Build AAA Mobile Experiences


Matt Ott



This webinar will go live

13 Aug

5:00 PM



8:00 AM


What you'll learn

We'll explore the benefits of a fully remote and distributed game studio. We'll also discuss the challenges from real-world experiences and how some of the best studios in the world have overcome them. As we enter a new normal, both process and collaboration tools are more important than ever. With remote work done right, the advantages far outweigh the negatives. We'll show you a proven combination of powerful techniques and tools to ensure your studio continues to achieve the extraordinary.


Matt Ott

Matt Ott

Development Director, Avatar: Pandora Rising

From Command & Conquer at Electronic Arts to the rise of FarmVille at Zynga to his current role producing blockbuster mobile games, Matt has experience in how to manage the multitude of complexities and disciplines necessary to build a creative experience.

Matt Ott

Matt Ott