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Making collaboration work is key for driving overall performance such as increased revenue and the ability to execute on business goals.

Getting Stuff Done — Here’s How To Get Organized For Real Autonomy and Agility

To get collaboration going in the daily life of an organization we need to keep in mind who should really collaborate with each other making sure we are organized on our dependencies and what we would like to achieve with it.

I was recently interviewed in SHR on how HR departments can be a part in making collaboration drive overall performance in organisations.

I see this, from a Favro perspective, as a question of setting up each and every organisation right from the beginning. Companies like Spotify (and Favro, off course) are organised in squads of five to nine members. These squads are networked together in an organic fashion that provides the right organisational agility to rapidly adapt to ever changing challenges.

To create hyper-adaptable organisations we need to organise ourselves in ways that allows agility and informal leadership, the first step is keeping down the size of the smallest grouping. People also need to understand what their organization looks like. Simple and small is important when it comes to structure of your organization. This is also a way for companies to attract great talent — young and brilliant people want autonomy that allows their ideas and creativity to flow and get stuff done.

So if you want to get better organizational flow, by making your teams more agile and autonomous, check out Favro yourself by signing up for a free trial.

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