Learn from Leaders — Learn From Leaders Podcast, Episode 40

Learn from Leaders
Learn From Leaders Podcast, Episode 40

Asynchronous Collaboration and Culture Done Right

Frank Fay
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Frank Fay

Frank Fay

Game Production Leader

Frank Fay has a proven track record of delivering successful games, solutions, tools, and services across PC, console, and GaaS platforms. His work history includes roles at Riot Games, Ubisoft, ATARI, Microprose, Psygnosis, and Mythical Games.


Picture of Patric Palm

Patric Palm

Favro ceo & founder

Serial entrepreneur and tech investor. Mostly games, SaaS, AI, deep tech. Favro ceo and founder. 🇸🇪 born, 🌏 minded. Passionate about hyper-performing teams and business agility.

About the episode

Game Production Leader Frank Fay stayed with us for another podcast episode, where we discussed the benefits of async work and building a remote team culture. Being forced to be “always online” and respond immediately to your distributed teams leads to undesired multitasking, decreased productivity, and increased stress, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Tune in to hear Frank’s take on meetings, daily standups, retrospectives, and involving executives. It’s all about being more effective at work without becoming inhumane and cutting off all connections.

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